Rules for ITIL Trainers

Licenced ITIL trainers must conform to the minimal ITIL trainer criteria set by the ITIL Qualification Board, jointly with further requirements fixed by their EI. Accredited Trainers are as well subject to complete assessment and routine surveillance.

Trainer accreditation includes, but isn’t restricted to, training experience, experience in the Information Technology service management, and particular education / certification prerequisites contingent on the level of ITIL qualification that will be rendered.

It should be known that when accredited, trainers get optional exemption from attendance at accredited training courses for ITIL examinations, and are able to acquire ITIL examinations direct via their EI.

Further Rules Surrounding Training Material and Use of Affiliates

ATOs can decide to what licence materials, trainers and/or a QMS from another ATO to use appropriate to conform to the accreditation requirements and the wants of their customers. In these cases, EIs are expected to ascertain that the accredited aspects fulfill the overall assessment criteria.

Wherever an ATO decides to Licence trainers from another ATO, the trainers are only allowed to render training courses for the products they are certified for.

ATOs are allowed to appoint Affiliates – or 3rd Party Training Organisations – to offer training on their behalf in certain regions, markets. Affiliates are as well expected to sign an Intellectual Property Sub Licence and might be subject to EI appraisal as part of the ATOs audit process.

All trainers working for an Affiliate must be assessed by the EI who has accredited the ATO to the same requirements as the Trainers working for the ATO.

Agents or Resellers can be nominated by ATOs to promote and resell courses on thier behalf, however Agents or Resellers can’t possess their own trainers nor course materials, offer training or request examination papers from an EI.