Information Technology Infrastructure Library

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) sets forth the practices surrounding ITSM (IT service management). The primary goal of ITIL is to put IT services in alignment with requirements of business.

ITIL outlines procedural tasks that are organization independent that can be used by any organization to establish the minimum level of competency, a baseline from which to plan, integrate and measure results.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library grew out of a collection of books. Each book covered a determined practice within the scope of IT service management. As dependence on IT grew over the years, the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency with the UK Government produced a series of recommendations in the 1980′s. The realization was that without standards, inside of government agencies and private sector business each organization would develop its own standard of IT practices leading to conflicts and mismanagement since certain government agencies use private sector contractors, both having their own independent set of IT practices.

The IT Infrastructure Library has been developed based on a process-model concept of managing and controlling IT operations. The concept is credited to W. Edwards Deming who wrote the plan-do-check-act (PDCA).